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Make :mocon Densensor A/S
Model :MAP Mix 9001-3/200B, MAPCheckMate 3 O2, MAP Mix Provectus, The table top LeakPointer

Working Principles

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is a smart technology. It enables fresh and minimally processed packaged food products to stay fresh longer. the shelf life of fresh food products can be prolonged. The food will maintain its nutritional value and look delicious for a longer time. Modified Atmosphere Packaging is also known as gas flushing, protective atmosphere packaging or reduced oxygen packaging. When using MAP in the packaging process we flush a gas (O2, CO2 or N2) into the headspace of the package. The headspace is the remaining area of the pack which is not occupied by the product. Atmospheric air allows bacteria to grow. When we replace the atmospheric air with the gas blend, the bacteria will stop growing. The composition of the gas blend depends on the type of food we want to pack. The major benefit of MAP is that the product will stay fresh and maintain its nutritional value longer, which is one of the major challenges in packaging fresh food. The MAP process requires a packaging material with special properties.

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