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Make : BIO-RAD
Model :Real-Time PCR Detection System
Specification : : Real-Time analysis of PCR enables truly quantitative analysis of template concentration. Real-Time, on-line PCR monitoring also reduces contamination opportunities and speeds time to results because traditional post PCR steps are no longer necessary. A wide range of fluorescent chemistries may be employed to monitor the PCR in progress. The iCycler Thermal Cycler provides the optimum performance for PCR and other thermal cycling techniques. The iCycler iQ Real Time PCR Detection System builds on the strengths of the iCycler thermal cycling system. The iCycler iQ system features a broad spectrum light source that offers maximum flexibility in selecting fluorescent chemistries. The iCycler iQ system reports data on the PCR in progress in Real Time, allowing immediate feedback on reaction success.

Working Principles

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The optical module houses the excitation system and the detection system. The Excitation system consists of a fan-cooled, 50-watt tungsten halogen lamp, a heat filter (infrared absorbing glass), a 6-position filter wheel fitted with optical filters and opaque filter “blanks”, and a dual mirror arrangement that allows simultaneous illumination of the entire sample plate. The excitation system is physically located on the right front corner of the optical module, with the lamp shining from right to left, perpendicular to the instrument axis. Light originates at the lamp, passes through the heat filter and a selected color filter, and is then reflected onto the 96 well plate in the thermal cycler by a set of mirrors. This light source excites the fluorescent molecules in the wells. The detection system occupies the rear two-thirds of the optical module housing. The primary detection components include a 6-position emission filter wheel, an image intensifier, and a CCD detector. This filter wheel is identical to the wheel in the excitation system and is fitted with colored emission filters and opaque filter “blanks”. The intensifier increases the light intensity of the fluorescence without adding any electrical noise. The 350,000 pixel CCD allows very discrete quantitation of the fluorescence in the wells. Fluorescent light from the wells passes through the emission filter and intensifier and is then detected by the CCD.


  • Gene Expression (mRNA) Analysis
  • microRNA & Noncoding RNA Analysis
  • Genetic Variation Analysis
  • Protein Analysis
  • TaqMan® Mutation Detection Assays

User Instructions

  1. Sample must be pure and all contaminants must be removed.
  2. Template, Primers, TaqMan Probes

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Real-Time PCR Charges

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Rs. 400/- per sampleRs. 400/- per sampleRs. 400/- per sampleRs. 600/- per sample